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ImproMed 6.0 is here!

Boost your business with wellness plans, recurring payments, and forward-booking.

More than 44 percent of pet owners said veterinarians could increase patient visits if they provided wellness plans with monthly billing, according to the 2011 Bayer Veterinary Care Usage Study. Plus, a study by Brakke Consulting found that clients who enrolled in wellness plans visited the clinic 69 percent more often, spent 57 percent more on medical services per patient, and spent 29 percent more on non-medical products and services. Wellness plans are good for patients, good for clients, and good for your business...and they're better than ever in ImproMed version 6.0.

We developed these enhanced wellness plans to address some of the challenges and sticky points that veterinarians have faced recently, such as:

  • Automatically adjusting the retail price of the plans if the cost of inventory used in the plans goes up during the year (This protects practices from losing money on wellness plans if inventory costs increase).
  • Including free basic exams with higher-priced premium wellness plans. These free exams are easy to invoice at no charge but are also tracked within ImproMed's reporting so that the practice can maintain profitability.
  • Handling unique situations according to accounting best practices, such as clients who sign up for wellness plans but don't use all of the visits, or those who sign up and cancel part way through the year.

Also new in ImproMed 6.0:

Recurring Payments

To make collecting payments even easier, now you can set a recurring payment schedule for clients or recharge customers without making them provide a form of payment again. Combining ImproMed 6.0 with our integrated credit card processing services means you can securely store and manage your customer’s information, reduce the duplication and circulation of sensitive information, and prevent other types of human error. You’ll save between 3 and 5 minutes at checkout plus hours of reconciliation time each week.

Implement wellness plans, card on file, and scheduled payments to see a decrease in Accounts Receivable and a steady flow of revenue all year long.

Forward Booking

With ImproMed 6.0, you can now enable forward booking so that when you conclude an invoice, you will be prompted to make a future appointment for that patient. Forward-booking is a proven way to increase revenue for the practice. In fact, a 2013 AAHA State of the Industry report estimated that increasing the percentage of forward-booked appointments from 5 percent to 10 percent could generate $40,000 in additional revenue for a typical practice. The client is more likely to bring his or her pet in on a timely basis if the appointment is already on the calendar, and the pet will stay healthier if seen regularly.

To learn more about ImproMed 6.0, or to schedule your update, complete the form below to schedule a callback. You can also contact us at 1-855-478-7920 to schedule your 6.0 update.

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